Window Doctor Repair Service


As well as installing new products for over 35 years, JMI have a busy repair service.  No matter if we didn't install your windows or doors, you don't know where they originally came from, or the company that did fit them have ceased to trade - we can usually help.
Our Window Doctor Service can assist with the following - 

Replacement Cylinders

Since around 2009, cylinder snapping has become a common way of burglars gaining access into properties. Most of the older euro cylinders in door handles have a weak point that control all the locking bolts. Once the cylinder is 'snapped',  the door is open and this can be done quickly and quietly. Don't let this happen to you; simply replace older cylinders with high security anti-snap/anti-bump/anti-drill cylinders. We keep most cylinders sizes in stock, and can upgrade you quickly and with minimum fuss. These high security cylinders are not yet mandatory on new products, so make sure any door you are buying has this crucial deterrent. 

Sash Jammers

If you're windows are a little old and need enhanced security, we can fit sash jammers.  These are additional window locks that work alongside the handle to prevent the window being forced open.

Double Glazed Unit Replacement

Replacing  broken or 'misted' double glazed units - double glazed units can sometimes 'fog up' between the two panes of glass, and this means the seal has broken, letting air into the unit. This problem can be remedied easily by removing the old double glazed unit and replacing with a new one, keeping the window frames intact. 

Faulty Hardware

Locks, handles, stays and hinges that are broken or not working properly. We can usually source replacements and get things back in working order.

Missing Window Keys 

We have a huge selection of keys for windows, and more often than not, can locate replacement or additional keys.

Patio Door Rollers

Replacing patio door rollers - patio door rollers can wear out, making the doors difficult to slide. We can change these, ensuring you patio doors  run smoothly once again. 

Cat Flaps

We can install cat flaps into existing doors.  So if you have moved house and your cat needs a cat flap, or you are now the proud owner of a cat, no problem, we can install one for you.  

If you have a problem that's not listed here, give us a call and we can let you know if we can help.

Our Window Doctor covers the following area's..... Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Great Barr, Lichfield & surrounding area's