Secondary Double Glazing - Other Products

Secondary double glazing is a useful product that some customers think is no longer available. True, not all companies offer this type of window any more, but as Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Tamworth have expanding conservation zones, secondary glazing is a  system that we often install.
Secondary double glazing offers a thermal and acoustic barrier without the need to remove and replace your existing windows. Not all properties benefit from having their original windows removed, especially older, heritage homes. Your windows may be decorative timber, you may have stained glass you don’t want to lose, or your home may be listed or in a conservation area. Whatever the reason, secondary double glazing can be installed discreetly in front of any existing window, including bays, bows,  flat windows, arched and circular windows. Secondary can lift out, slide and hinge, giving  access to opening vents for ventilation and fire exit, and of course for ease of cleaning. Perhaps you don’t want to replace your original sash box windows, but they are draughty and the traffic noise is noticeable – secondary glazing can slide vertically too, so once fitted in front of the original window, an effective barrier is created and the sash box window can still be accessed.
Our secondary glazing system comprises slim line aluminium into a timber surround that either fixes to the original window or can be installed into the window reveals.  It has a locking facility for extra security and can barely be seen externally. Secondary double glazing is usually more cost effective than having a window completely replaced and is a solution that is well worth exploring.