Roofline - Other Products

We know that roofline products might not be the most glamorous purchase you will ever make, but it is essential that you protect your home from the elements with the correct guttering, rainwater goods, facia's and soffits.
Timber facia's and soffits deteriorate over time and gutters that aren't cleaned and maintained don't too their job properly, with rainwater cascading out, causing problems with damp.
If your property is reasonably new, and your roofline is in good order, we are happy to consider replacement guttering and downpipes, and cladding over the original facia's and soffits.  If your property is a little older and the timber roofline is in poor condition, perhaps rotting in places, we will only consider a complete removal and replacement.  There is little point in cladding over rotting timber roofline, it will not stand the test of time and is simply a short term cosmetic makeover.
Guttering and downpipes are available in lots of colours and shapes and facia and soffit boards are available in white, black and a range of woodgrain shades. 
Reputable companies no longer undertake roofline work from  ladders, and full scaffolding is now required for this type of work to comply with Health and Safety Guidelines.
So take a good look at your roofline - is it looking like it needs an overhaul?  Once it's done, it's done and there's no need to climb up wobbly ladders again to clean out your gutters or to re-paint your facia's every couple of years.